Building Management & HVAC Control Panels

Building Management & HVAC Control Panels

Riverside ECS has recently gained new commercial competences from the manufacture of bespoke BEMS/HVAC panels. We have been working in close liaison with a local specialist in BEMS and HVAC systems.

This market is renowned for its’ quick project turnaround and price competitiveness, and the close work relationship together with proximity of our two companies has resulted in significant efficiency savings over the last year. Our wide range of BEMS and HVAC control panels are being supplied throughout the UK and Europe.

These bespoke panels improve environmental efficiencies at existing sites or form part of eco-friendly new builds.

The panels range from simple small wall mounted units, to complex large floor-standing suites of enclosures. They take in a multitude of different sensor measurements and control the outputs that can regulate heating, cooling, lights, water temperature, circulation or extracting fans, air filtering, emergency lighting and so on….

Panels are constructed predominantly in Form 1 or Form 2 configuration (separating the power from control signals), but on occasion a Form 4 multi-bay configuration has been required for power insulation between individual motor control compartment. Whatever configuration is required, our panel design/build team can offer advice and then follow through with quality workmanship and timely delivery.

It is Riverside ECS' :

  1. flexibility
  2. friendly but hard work ethic
  3. embracing ISO9001 systems
  4. core technical competence
  5. willingness to continuously embark on new commercial adventures

that is aiding our growth and profitability, adding wealth to all our stakeholders whilst also contributing to a greener, more energy efficient society.