Oil Rig Chemical Heater Panels

Riverside ECS have recently supplied Oil Rig chemical heater panels to the North Sea.  After many years in service obsolete components in critical processes require upgrading.

The supplied panels use high power thyristor switching controllers to heat large volumes of chemical on the platforms. The panels measure the power flow via modbus communications to the central controller.  This gives efficiency gains and better process control than ever previously possible.

The panels have 1600A solid copper busbars with dual channel heater controllers enabling either duty/standby or boost heating to be achieved.  A sophisticated air circuit breaker is used for power switching the heater circuits ensuring any possibility of a spark is minimised.

Large air conditioning units are fitted to both heater controllers for panel cooling.

Exacting Standards
Intimate liaison with the client has been maintained throughout the design, build and test phases.  Meticulous attention to detail ensures the exacting requirements have been met.  Any problems at the final destination would be amplified simply due to the remote nature of the oil rigs.