Success of Water Filter Sequencing Panels

Riverside ECS Limited continues to supply their popular Large Water Filter Sequencing Panels to a wide range of customers. Having supplied hundreds of panels to water authorities and private water works around the UK and Ireland. You are always just a few miles away from one of our panels working to supply the clean water we have all come to rely on.

Large water filters for sewerage treatment works and underground tunnel evacuation go through regular or emergency self-cleaning cycles controlled by bespoke control panels designed and built by Riverside ECS.

Motorised actuators and solenoids control filters of varying sizes and with natural or forced back-flushing facilities. This ensures 100% continuity of water flow to specified throughput rates. Sensing the condition of the filters enables them to be automatically cleaned without manual intervention.

Our Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specification control panels have a modular design, allowing tried and tested functionality with a bespoke solution.

Panels can be supplied in mild steel enclosures for indoor use or, stainless steel enclosures for outdoor use. The panels have been designed without PLC control, making for a cost effective solution and to have longevity even with 100% duty cycle usage.

Twin panels have been supplied which automatically switch between duty and standby units in order to guarantee system continuity.