Oil Rig Chemical Heater Panels

Riverside ECS have recently supplied Oil Rig chemical heater panels to the North Sea. After many years in service obsolete components in critical processes require upgrading.

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Expansion Plans with Chinese Exports

Recently built panels have not only been built to the highest quality but in two languages as well!  The control panels needed to be tri lingual to ensure they can be used in the ever expanding Chinese market.

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Success of Water Filter Sequencing Panels

Riverside ECS Limited continues to supply their popular Large Water Filter Sequencing Panels to a wide range of customers. Having supplied hundreds of panels to water authorities and private water works around the UK and Ireland. You are always just a few miles away from one of our panels working to supply the clean water we have all come to rely on.

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Chemical Dosing Control Panels

Riverside ECS Limited have recently supplied complex chemical dosing control panels to a large UK customer. Whether in large water works, swimming pools or industrial applications, water requires purification, pH balancing or chemical modification.

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