Traffic Barrier / Traffic Light Control System

Site Vehicle Management and Traffic Barrier / Traffic Light Control System

Very large industrial vehicles carrying dangerous loads throughout the day and night were sharing carriageways with normal cars on a large site.

An electrical control panel was needed to manage the safe passage of these industrial vehicles through the use of multiple barriers and traffic lights sited at junctions throughout the site.

When a load was needing transportation from one location to its final destination, the system was initiated via manual or radio control. The control system used inductive loops to detect the presence of other vehicles on the selected route. The combination of barriers, lights, audio alarms and visual alarms guaranteed safe passage of the load across the site.

Many combinations of problems recognition were built into the PLC control system, giving warnings and alarms to drivers and site personnel thus ensuring continuous safety to everyone on site.

The panel manufactured by Riverside ECS performed this task without problems to the delight of the customer who, until then, had worried about the integrity of an old system that had been installed many years previously.

This bespoke panel design was similar to other panels Riverside ECS had constructed with similar functionality but different triggers and uses to customise it to the specific site requirements.

Electrical control panels of this type are often situate outside and can be made from grade 304 or 316 stainless steel, or alternatively from GRP, which, together with correct choice of components fitted to Riverside ECS quality standards, give IP65 or better environmental protection.