Riverside ECS - Control System Goes To Malaysia

Riverside ECS works with large engineering companies, often exporting globally. This metal heat quenching control desk and hydraulic pack control panel has been delivered and commissioned at a steel plant in Malaysia. This is a similar system to one installed in Sheffield (UK) and our client is so pleased with this recent project that they are discussing the probability of several follow on projects.

Note the large air-conditioning unit required to cool both the VSD drives and also the lucky operator who would normally find working in these hot and humid conditions somewhat unbearable.

The system has been optimised for quick process turnaround, ensuring the metal heat treatment is both accurate and cost effective as possible. Although a PLC was considered, a more rugged, cost-effective and maintainable hardware solution was found with relay logic. In addition, precise programming of the VSD motor controllers in conjunction with carefully positioned limit switches proved a great solution resulting in high quality product, and process accuracy, speed and safety.

With its’ stainless steel top, cool working conditions and easily maintainable solution, the desk will remain clean, efficient and effective for many years.

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