Chemical Dosing Control Panels

Riverside ECS Limited have recently supplied complex chemical dosing control panels to a large UK customer.

Whether in large water works, swimming pools or industrial applications, water requires purification, pH balancing or chemical modification. Chemical dosing brings the specification and balance to the correct levels.

Riverside ECS supplies many different control panels whose functionality can range from simple open loop mixing systems to full blown closed loop precision processes.

The safety aspect of this type of chemical mixing has to be tightly regulated. Human consumption is usually involved or in the case of swimming pools, total immersion.

The water flow controlled by rate metering at stages in the process. Chemical additives are controlled measuring flow rate, level or weight in precise quantities. The output can be monitored with sensors including pH, clarity and viscosity. This allows direct VDU or closed loop feedback to the dosing system to minimise or correct any errors in the mix.

Simpler dosing systems use open loop control. A fixed liquid quantity is mixed with a fixed amount of dosing chemical to make the appropriate chemical balance.

Dosers and mixers can come in different designs ranging from simple solenoid valve control to complex VSD pump controllers, relay control to full SCADA control.